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Does Your Family Business Feel Stuck?

Few things are as frustrating as not knowing how to get the family business on track. But when problems are ignored, even the best family businesses can struggle to make progress.

Kyle Danner provides you with tools and resources to prepare the family business for what’s next so you feel confident about the future. 


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There's an Easier Way to Make Your Goals for the Family Business Reality

EOS Video - Kyle Danner


Whether you’re a business owner, the next generation, or an advisor, you want to see the family business succeed.

But when the wrong people are in the wrong seats, priorities are muddy, and problems within the family business keep you from doing your job, it can be incredibly stressful. 

As someone who has been a part of every aspect of the family business, Kyle understands just how overwhelming working in and for a family business can be. 

That’s why he offers a clear, proven process designed to resolve problems permanently so the family business can gain traction and start moving in the right direction.

Kyle helps business owners, their family, and their leadership team:

  • Get everyone 100% on the same page
  • Become more disciplined and accountable
  • Build a healthy, functional, cohesive team

Don’t let problems in the family business hold you back. Schedule a meeting and take the next step toward growing the family business.


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Get a Handle on the Family Business with These Resources

For the family

  • Visit my blog for tips on how to unite the business and the family, achieve your personal goals, and keep the business running smoothly.
  • Download my ebook, “Is There an Elephant in Your Family Business?”, and learn how to start a conversation about the frustrating problems in the business no one wants to talk about.
  • For advisors

  • Learn how to navigate family drama and keep the family in line with tips from my blog.
  • Purchase my ebook, “An Advisor’s Guide to Successful Family Business Engagements,” and get in-depth strategies to keep your clients happy for years to come.
  • Get my ebook, “The Advisors Guide to Successful Family Business Engagements", and find out how to keep problems in your client’s family business from preventing you from doing what you do best.
  • For the business

  • If the family and the employees are rowing in opposite directions, it’s impossible for the business to gain traction. EOS can help you get everyone working together for the good of the business and prevent problems before they occur.

    Schedule a 90-minute meeting, and I’ll walk you through the system so you can determine whether it’s a good fit for your business.
  • EOS-Model

    Grow Your Family Business with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)


    When everyone isn’t on the same page, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have a grip on the business. EOS is a simple, practical system designed to clarify your vision, build traction, and create a healthy leadership team so you can take control of your business.



    Kyle Supports Advisors so They Can Support the Family Business


    As a family business advisor, you face the frustrating challenge of trying to do your job without getting caught up in the family drama. Kyle helps advisors understand family dynamics, help clients succeed, and maintain profitable engagements with clients for years to come.


    Discover the Secret to Successful Family Business Engagements

    Get the Resources You Need to Lead the Family to Success


    If the family business is struggling with problems, your first instinct is likely to sweep them under the rug. But this often makes those problems worse (and can cause even more issues to develop).

    With these simple tools, strategies, and guides, you can lead productive conversations about these complicated issues before they escalate and drive the family apart.



    What Clients Are Saying

    Sheila Seck

    Seck & Associates

    “Kyle Danner referred his client who wanted to transfer ownership to a key employee as part of his exit plan. Kyle educated and prepared the client, so he fully understood his options and was ready to take the next step. After working with Kyle, the client and the employee were ready to discuss terms to achieve their personal goals and those of the company.”

    Jeff Morgan

    Founder, Morgan Miller Plumbing

    “Transitioning ownership of your business is a monumental task. Kyle Danner took our ideas and turned them into reality. His expertise greatly simplified the process. Using Kyle was a strategic move and a worthy investment for my family and my family business."

    Danny Zaslavsky

    Director of Operations & Board President, Country Hill Motors

    “I have worked with Kyle one-on-one to solve problems and brainstorm, and have been his student at conferences where he led attendees through complicated issues and provided clear, concise solutions. I highly recommend Kyle for your family business needs.”

    5 Mistakes Family Businesses Make and How to Fix Them to Recover Faster - White Paper

    Discover 5 Mistakes Family Businesses Make and How to Fix Them to Recover Faster


    The last thing you should have to worry about right now is whether your business will be around next year. Yet many family businesses make critical mistakes that hinder their ability to recover from pandemics, shifts in the economy, family drama, and changes in leadership.

    So how can you help the family business overcome obstacles, heal quickly, and thrive regardless of what's happening outside of the office? Download the free guide, 5 Mistakes Family Businesses Make and How to Fix Them to Recover Faster.

    In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn the most common mistakes family businesses make, how they compromise the business's success, and what you can do to turn the situation around.

    Download the Guide Now